Summer tipples and garden cocktails with friends... #Hollows

Summer seems to have flown by oh so fast this year... but I have made some amazing memories! There has been ample occasion to sip sunny evenings away and have plenty of giggles and toast some amazing celebrations.

Celebration number one is that I'm going to be an Auntie at the end of the year! which is only the most EXCITING thing ever!
so there has been a lot of glass clinking and cheers' to a new little life soon to be coming into the family!

The second celebration was a beautiful Hen weekend with my gorgeous Best Friend Lydia who is soon to be wedding the love of her life! I am lucky enough to be her bridesmaid so theres been a whole lot of cocktails to celebrate and a great time to experiment with some tasty beverages.

If cocktails are your thing then Fentimans will make the perfect base to begin with... Whether you like spicy or sweet coctails there is definitly something to appeal to everyone. Here are a couple of my favorite tipples...

Rose Lemonade
Hendricks Gin
Crushed Ice
Slice of Lemon

Hallows Ginger Beer
Crushed Ice
Mint leaves
A tiddly bit of Rum
and some Lime Juice (this one is super refreshing)

For those of you who like to keep things basic the entire range of Fentimans are so delicious! Pop some ice cubes in a bag and bash with a rolling pin... people do wonder what is going on but it does make these beautiful drinks that little bit more refreshing!

Especially the Ginger Beer which I am totally hooked on..... this is also the perfect drink into autumn with its warm spiced taste!

Emy xoxo





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