I love... A Christmas Gift Guide

It's my favourite time of year again... the time where everyones instagram feeds start shimmering in their festive glory and the gift guides begin popping up.

Being a blogger and total instagram addict I am already putting up the decorations (totally all in the name of backgrounds to my blog I tell thee). I think one of my most memorable childhood memories was picking up the Boots Christmas Guide when I was little to mark the things I would buy my family with my pocket money and also cheekily folding over the pages to mark the things I liked which used to prompt my family to finding the things I would like for my Birthday.

Boots is still one of my prefered stops to do a spot of Christmas shopping not just because of the 3 for 2 deals (meaning you keep the 3rd for yourself as a reward for your kindness) because of the huge variety, there is something for everyone in your family no atter how tricky they are to buy for.

This brings me to these super gorgeous items from one of my fav brands 'I Love...' They have gone scent crazy this year so they have catered for just about every preference there could possibly ever be! From the fruit bats right to the smells of home baking which is my favourite kind of smell! So here are my thoughts on some of the treats...

First we have 'The Takeaway Trio' this features the scent Raspberry & Blackberry which is such a yummy winter fruity smell which anyone would adore. I love this set, its got all three ingredients for a long well deserved pamper evening which will leave you smelling so gorgeous! Perfect for mums and older sisters who need to unwind.

Next we have the most darling little assortment of Heart shape soaps. I just think these are so sweet and novelty too. The bag includes one of each of their signature scents so you can pick and choose depending on how you feel. I think this would be perfect as an additional gift or for school friends or colleagues at work if you are looking for a little treat.

These are my personal favs! This set of 6 mini shower/bath creams in the scents - Cherry Almond Sparkle, Raspberry & Blackberry, Strawberries & Cream, Chocolate Truffle, Caramel and my new addiction Iced Cookie. These would just look so sweet in your bathroom and theres something for every mood. I really think this set would suit just about everyone you know. I bet even the men would get caught red handed tempted by these gorgeous scents!

For the bath bomb lovers AKA every girl on the planet! the lovely gods at 'I Love' have bought you the most dreamy trio of Chocolate & Caramel scented bombs. I opened the tube to these and it smelt like rolos... I think its fair to say that everyone would love a bath that smells like those! eee! If you know someone with a demanding job or someone who needs a long pamper after their hectic studying I think these would make the perfect gift!

Another one for the Chocolate lovers! This supercute little parcel is just one smelly dream! a nice smelly dream of course! Whats super clever is the box's pink handle is actually the hanging strap on the bath puff (these kind of details could probably only please me due to my packaging design past in graphics) Once you open the box you will find a pink puff, a minature bath cream and little body butter. Ideal for someone who travels a lot or the adventurer in your life.

The next one and probably most well known of the scents by this yummy brand is the Strawberries & Cream Duo set, This one features the full size Bath/Shower Cream and mini body butter. This one is perfect for anyone in your life, Mums, Nans, sisters and friends will all adore it.

And Why not add this fizzer to their gifts too so it perfectly compliments that yummy scent! Or these are great for standalone presents if you have a large group of friends and want to treat them all to something little.

So that's a wrap for this rather wonderful Christmas gift guide! All of these products are available on the I Love website *Here* or there is a lovely selection to choose from over on the Boots Website *Here* Where they are all 3 for 2! Bargainous!

Emy xoxo





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