2016 Remembered

As per usual we intend to begin a year with a triumphant journey planned ahead, little do we know the year will always throw a curveball or few.

I started the year by jetting off to NYC (favourite city in the world) with my best friend and my Mum too. We had the best time as always in such a welcoming city. One of the days of our stay we planned to visit Chelsea Market and walk across the high line in lower Manhattan. As we left our hotel we always walk past this one particular building which has the news scrolling around it's frame - the news I never imagined the legend David Bowie had passed away. Back home our town was key in his success and proved to be his platform to launch him into this global star he became. Now of course we were heading into the very borough where he lived - spooky coincidence but nothing prepared me for how still and quiet the city became at this news.

As the year went on all to many stars were taken from us, when you grow up listening to music you seem naive to the fact they are human, it's almost as if you just expect them to always be there. I find some comfort in George passing at the time of year where his Wham hits will be played still for generations to come. But I can't help but fight the lump in my throat at how many people have lost their lives this year so many years before their time. It really proves you have to fight to make the best of every day you are blessed with.

The beginning of my year was tricky, not only because it was the first time I had given my heart to someone since my ex a few years back but because I was heading towards having it broken and knew it. I also came across another mountain (not even a hurdle) which I didn't know how to approach let alone climb it. It's not something I can talk about. My only way of coping was to completely act as if I was way above the situation. I had to be the strongest I could ever imagine and live with my decision.

This set me on a repeat journey of having to find my confidence and build myself back up. When you really have believed you found your soulmate to only have it snatched from you is one of the toughest things. The more the year progressed and the more horrid events that took place in the world I began to realise I was going to be ok. In the face of terror, trauma and loss - our world is growing stronger than it's ever been before.

In my days where I struggled with the confidence and panicked at the smallest of things, I found myself wanting to give up everything I love. Blogging, Instagram and even my friends. I didn't want any of it. My followers declined because I hid from my social media platforms. I was permanently telling myself I'm not any good at anything.

Shortly before I had gone to Norfolk with my Mum and Dad I was approached by the lovely team at Fiorelli to collab with them and it honestly helped me in a turning point to remind me why I loved blogging so much. Without that one email I doubt I would have gotten back into it. This mid year became the point where I said that's it I've got half the year left to go for it! And I did. More and more opportunities came my way, I made the effort to see friends and do things and get out of bed and live each day.

Come the end of the year I actually became proud of what I had achieved in just a few months.

I did intend to have my YouTube up sooner but sitting in front of a camera was always going to take time and so that has become one of my ventures for 2017. The new journey to a whole better me and more confident me.

So I'm glad to be saying goodbye to 2016.

And Aloha to 2017 my favourite year to come.

Emy xoxo





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