The perfect Valentines gift...

I am one of those... a candle addict at its finest. I spent countless hours sniffing those Yankee racks in the garden centers and swooning the amazing variety in Homesense on a regular basis. It has however been a while since I sniffed something that really had me utterly head over heels in a smelly kind of love.

Landon Tyler are one of the few companies I eagerly await for on my Instagram feed.. so much so that I have my notifications on too! So that is probably a whole new level of candle addictness!

They can make the most beautiful of gifts, from celebratory occasions to birthdays and also the big event approaching - Valentines Day! I don't have a Valentine myself (sob.. I know) but it doesn't mean I don't still treat those I love around me.

When it comes to scents, I'm usually the type to go for the food orientated smells and anything caramel or sweet dessert themed. But like many sometimes I like to break my mold and go for something fruity or floral especially heading into spring as they're the best transition scents and leave you in the most productive and chipper mood.

This particular scent from Landon Tyler is 'Country Meadow' which is a beautiful spring scent filled with rose, jasmine, neroli, ylang and musk notes. Which I'm sure you can imagine is the most delightful and gorgeous aroma to fill the room.

This candle has everything going for it, the amazing frosted glass jar is one of those which gives you an abundance of potential uses even when your candle has run out! My favourite thing is that this beauty is a triple wick, which means it burns perfectly evenly whilst spreading three times the scent - and believe me this is a delight to burn!

to view the amazing range at Landon Tyler pop over here and swoon!

Emy xoxo





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