Bagsy beauties for spring lips!

Firstly let me start this blog post saying I was not send these balms to review! Thus I was under no obligation to review them.

I have been following Bagsy for some time now.... you know the feeling when you spot amazing packaging and you're lured in straight away! Well that's generally what attracts me to brands as a whole, I guess you could say I'm a 'judging by the cover' girl at times and I will quite happily hold my hand up as guilty!

A week or so before Mother's Day they launched a competition to win a lip balm for you and your mumma! I couldn't resist but have a go, because if my mum loves anything it's winning things.... and lip balms! So it seemed perfect.
To our delight we only went and won! A day later the beautiful package arrived and it was instant love.

We received one tinted raspberry balm and one lemon balm! Both super summery lovely scents. The packaging was even more beautiful than I imagined too. There's something so lovely about balms and lipsticks in these beautiful card tubes, they feel so much more organic.

The lemon balm smells just like sherbet lemons! Super zesty and refreshing. Defiantly a spring summer scent, this balm has no tint either so perfect for every day use if you're not looking for any colour on your lips.

The raspberry balm is the tinted beauty I've been longing for, as you can see from this gorgeous swatch. It's just beautiful. Again it smells so summery and fruity. I have been trying this lip balm on post flu lips, I wasn't expecting total miracles as I'm a lip licked when I have a stuffy nose. But even after one night of wearing this balm I woke up to soft lips! Stunned I carried on using this balm and I've fallen totally head over heels. I'm at the point of "I need them all" now I've tried one!

You can buy these beauties from my favs over at Feel Unique here.... Click Me 💗

Thank you to the lovely team at Bagsy again for making us the lucky competition winners!

Emy xoxo





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