Winky Lux spring favs!

I'm sure it's no secret to all of you that I'm a total sucker for pretty packaging.
So it will also come as no secret that with Winky Lux (a brand I have followed for some time now) having launched on ASOS I had to try some of these beauties! They're not a brand I have read too much about... I purely followed my eyes when they were drawn in on another Bloggers flatlay.

Packaging for me is a brilliant indication of the care put into a product so I am 98% of the time as wowed with the application of the product itself. Usually these leaps into the unknown are with higher priced products. When the lovely PR package arrived at my door I was so excited to rip it open! I couldn't wait to see them.

The first product I tried was the Winky Lux Diamond Lighting Powder. A totally beautiful glossy white compact which contained a beautiful powder. It's a little too dark for my pasty face right now but give it a couple of days in the sun and I know this is just going to be my perfect shade. Unlike most powders that to me look dry and un-do all of your hard work with foundations, this powder is so beautifully light, but does the amazing job you want it too. It leaves your face still looking totally flawless and lets your foundation do it's thing. I like quite a dewy face and high coverage... so it's been a long time trying to find a Powder that doesn't make my face look dull, because this has diamond particles it totally does all the things I've dreamed of! You can use it just as a setting Powder or if you're brave then just over concealed areas on minimal make up days!

The second of the products I was lucky enough to try was the Flower Balm! I'm going to jump straight in and simply say I'm smitten! The balm reacts with your PH levels to give you a perfect pinky hue. It's just so gorgeous, especially for every day whilst moisturising your lips (it has a Vaseline feel once applied) you'll still feel like you've got a pretty spring lip to compete your make up. The flower Sealed inside the balm itself is just so darling too!

Finally probably what is already my favourite spring shade for my lips! This beaut Velvet lipstick in the shade "sweet pea". If that's not a darling name I don't know what is! I'm a sucker for Matte & velvet lips. With so many make up looks they just look perfect. Going back to my love of dewy skin, I do tend to go for a matte based lip because otherwise it would be shine overload. This lippy has great lasting power anyway but I'm always reaching for my lipcote anyway just because I'm a chick who eats and snacks and I don't like to be worried about my lips. But with a simple lip line & base with lip liner this actually lasted way better than some high end lipsticks so I am chuffed to bits!

Also the pill shaped casings on both the Flower Balm and Lipstick are just total Instagram goals!

To view the amazing range over at ASOS pop over here and swoon!

Be prepared to be smitten!

Emy xoxo





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